Elliott Homes’ Communities – A Happy Tail for Pet Owners

October 30, 2022

A happy tail for Elliott Homes pet ownersElliott Homes is Creating a Place Where Life Gets Better, Even for Our Furry Friends

Elliott Homes Loves Our Pets Too! Did you know our team spends hours researching ways to make our communities a great fit for families across the Coast and factor in your pet’s happiness too?

Why Are Pets So Important

Owning a pet will bring you much joy and love. We gain a sense of responsibility and get unconditional love, and they are always there when we need them. Dogs need more maintenance, while cats and rabbits are easy to care for, need little exercise and give our lives new meaning.

They Love Unconditionally

Our pets don’t ask for much, just a warm and safe shelter, food, water and exercise. In return, they give you unconditional love, loyalty and companionship. Dogs are known to offer unconditional love more quickly, while cats can be a little more finicky. Having a pet means you will always have a special being waiting at home, ready to greet you with a tail wag or purr.

They are Good For Your Health

Studies prove that petting an animal can significantly reduce stress levels. Also, if you own a dog, you will have to walk it at least once or twice a day, benefiting you with fresh air and exercise while connecting with nature and bonding with your friend. Elliott Homes takes this activity and bonding time seriously. We add walking trails to many Elliott Homes communities, like Sanctuary Trails in North Gulfport.

They Support Us Emotionally

It’s incredible how much support a pet can bring to your life. They can give you a sense of purpose and a reason to get out of bed when you are not feeling your best. Animals like cats and dogs can profoundly affect their owners, sense their moods, and offer snuggles or kisses to help you overcome anxiety.

Ask about our low-maintenance landscaping, covered porches and easy-care luxury vinyl plank flooring. All are selected to provide a beautiful home fit for a magazine yet durable enough even for the furriest of friends.

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