Adrienne Elliott Professionally Styled Homes

November 1, 2022

Adrienne Elliott’s Professionally Designed Homes Offer the Best in Style, Affordability and Value

Adrienne Elliott 2022 St. Jude Dream Home Bath
2022 St. Jude Dream Home Bath designed by Adrienne Elliott

Award-winning home designer Adrienne Elliott has been styling and staging our homes for as long as we have built on the MS Gulf Coast. Adrienne’s keen design style and unmatched ability to create a warm and inviting space has played a huge role in Elliott Homes’ reputation as one of the best new construction home builders. In light of rising inflation and interest rates, the Elliott Homes team has joined her to find solutions to keep the dream of homeownership alive for as many as possible.

With this purpose in mind, many hours were devoted to choosing beautiful finishes and materials that combine affordable luxury, ease of maintenance and energy-saving features. Creating these new homes on the MS Gulf Coast enabled Elliott Homes to roll back to PRE-PANDEMIC PRICING! Not an easy feat in today’s ever-changing new construction market.

Adrienne Elliott, Together with Lead Designer Jennifer Acevedo Hand-Selected Each Element and Gorgeous Finish

Finishes have been hand-selected by Interior Designer Adrienne Elliott and Lead Designer Jennifer Acevedo. These ladies, our Hometown Design Powerhouse, have fashioned each of our new homes with neutral colors and beautiful, classic finishes, which enhance any design genre, especially the following:

small steps everydayTransitional: Includes minimal accessories and a mix of masculine and feminine with traditional elegance and contemporary textiles. Let furniture, area rugs, throw pillows, and blankets be the star. You will find a combination of woods, rattan, lacquer and steel to create a warm and inviting interior.

Scandinavian:  Light or natural woods are one of the main features of Scandinavian Design. Usually, white walls, oversized mirrors, glass furniture, clean lines and cozy textiles complete the space.

Adrienne Elliott and Jenn recommend you find your style and go for it!

Coastal: Coastal-style homes on the MS Gulf Coast bring the outdoors in. You will find lots of houseplants and distressed and wicker furniture, all complimented by beachy colors. Light and airy, whites, beiges and pops of blue symbolize the sand, surf and sunny skies.

Modern Farmhouse: Known for mixing metals, Adrienne and Jenn start you off with brushed nickel, the go-to for many mixed-metal designs. Adrienne recommends neutral colors balanced against pops of color, such as sage green, burnt orange or navy blue. Natural wood and live greenery are a great choice as a backdrop to the nature-inspired colors.

Share with family and friends to see if they can guess your design style!

Bohemian: One of Jenn’s favorites! Think of an eclectic, laid-back style emphasizing different cultures and nature. Jenn recommends mixing colors and bold patterns with metallic and wood accents.

Mid-Century Modern:  Spaces include rich woods with pops of chartreuse, mustard yellow and avocado green. Windows and doors are left bare to highlight the outdoor scenery and add natural light to the room.

Modern: Furniture has clean lines with sleek surfaces; Adrienne recommends a combination of chrome and glass with minimal décor and bold accents in art and furniture pieces, like chairs.

Eclectic:  A perfect blend of old and new, layered and collected pieces. The neutral color palette of your new home allows you to bring in a worldly vibe with several accent colors.

Contemporary: A sleek and minimal space plan with detailed moldings on the walls, like our crown molding and open concept layouts. Furniture with exposed legs and clean lines helps bounce light around the room while emphasizing the open plan. Adrienne suggests adding tables combining glass and metals and fabrics with different textures for interest.

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