The Elliott Homes Pivot to Affordability, Luxury and Simplicity

November 8, 2022

Elliott Homes – Meeting New Home Needs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Beyond

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Jonathan Hayward, Elliott Homes Chief Operations Officer

Over the past several years, COVID has brought many challenges to businesses worldwide. As a Mississippi Gulf Coast homebuilder, Elliott Homes can attest to how supply chain and labor shortages created an environment where we could no longer purchase as-needed materials without delay. Combined with the increased cost of building materials, these conditions created the perfect storm in new construction homes.

Pre-Pandemic Pricing

While many home builders were increasing their prices to match the market and rising construction costs, Brandon Elliott, Gulfport homebuilder, brought in the best team from around the country to enhance our home new home collections and gain ground on home building on the Gulf Coast. We stopped building homes for four months to give this group of resourceful, caring, and forward-thinking individuals time to reinvent Elliott Homes’ best-selling plans with cost-saving solutions. Their mission, create affordable homes without sacrificing quality and our corporate values. Not only did they add the best finishes and create gorgeous elevations to enhance our communities, but they are also keeping the dream of homeownership alive for many, with PRICES ROLLBACKED to Pre-Pandemic Levels!

Watch our Pivot Video and Meet Our New Leaders

As interest rates rise to reduce inflation, a national affordability crisis has evolved, creating a vast opportunity in the Mississippi Coast housing market. Our average home price in many of the nation’s housing markets is less than one-third. Mississippi Gulf Coast Leaders anticipate an influx of out-of-state buyers who need speed and simplicity when finding homes for sale. Elliott Homes will have a steady stream of move-in ready homes available in different stages of construction to accommodate any move-in time frame.

meet new leadersThere are new homebuyers out there, including:

  • Those who work from home (34 million strong today)
  • Baby Boomers (people born from 1946 to 1964) are retiring at a rate of 10,000/ a day and are expected to live 15 years longer. Many are looking for areas that offer affordability, safety and a sense of belonging.
  • Millennials (the largest demographic in the world) are getting into the housing market as they have children.

The Secret Coast and Elliott Homes Offer a Solution

This is the beginning of generational growth for the Secret Coast as more than 110 million people are looking for a solution to their housing needs. We need outreach and cannot do it alone. It is going to take collaboration with local REALTORS and business leaders. It will also require looking away from the past as we will have a new demographic that never existed, those who choose to rent vs. own.

Again, this is the chance for people to “try out” the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Imagine, they can experience life on the Coast in a brand-new Elliott Home with all maintenance included! No commitment and free to fall in love with all that the Coast has to offer. It’s our chance to share the Secret Coast and make a lasting impression on new residents, encouraging them to relocate permanently while growing our local economy. It’s a win/win.

Sphere of InfluenceBuilding Your Sphere of Influence

REALTORS in Gulfport and our other affordable coastal towns have a distinct advantage. Establishing relationships with those who choose to rent after relocating will grow your Sphere of Influence. Keep in contact throughout the year and be top of mind when these renters in transition decide to invest in a new home on the Coast.

In the top 5 metro markets in the US, mortgages have jumped from an average of $3,200 to $5,300 a month. Due to the affordability on the MS Coast, mortgages have gone from an average of only $961 to $1,530. As the nation learns about the incredible amenities and lifestyle the MS Coast offers, analysts believe the Secret Coast is a viable solution for 110 million people who face today’s affordability crisis.

Analysts Predict:

  • Due to demographic shifts and affordability, we will see a large migration to the Southeast. (according to Harvard Business Review, 19 million are looking to relocate today!)
  • We will see significant demand for Build-to-Rent homes – think resort-style living with no maintenance, not houses.
  • A shift in higher value toward simplicity, online buying and affordability over choices

Our brand-new website provides those house hunting with easy solutions to their home needs. We have 42 communities (For Sale and Build-to-Rent) in South Mississippi to support those looking to relocate to the Coast.

Elliott Homes Lynn Meadows
St. Jude Dream Home & Water Park at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Resort-Style Living in a Rental Community

Residents of our Full Rental Communities will receive a Rental Membership vs. a Rental Agreement. This exclusive “club” will offer benefits across the Coast, including coupons and discounts as we introduce our new neighbors to local businesses. This is all part of our commitment to creating a place where life gets better. Each home will offer additional lifestyle benefits above and beyond typical homeownership, including landscape maintenance and repairs. A portion of the rent goes towards a future Elliott Homes purchase.

We cannot do this alone and hope our local REALTOR friends and businesses help these new residents see why we love calling the Mississippi Gulf Coast home. Contact Us online or call 1.844.289.3554 (1.844.BUY.ELLIOTT).