Elliott Homes Learns the Fundamentals with Allstate Agent

December 19, 2022

Elliott Homes Asks Gulfport’s Allstate Insurance Agent Jeff Rouse for Homeowners’ Insurance Tips

insurance policy

It’s well known that homeowners’ insurance rates on a brand-new home are generally less than that of a used home. It makes sense since new homes on the Gulf Coast, including those by Elliott Homes, are built to today’s stringent building codes. New processes are in place, and city and county inspectors ensure the regulations are followed to make your home safer and less vulnerable to a situation requiring you to use your insurance.

Elliott Homes sits down with Jeff Rouse from Tubb Allstate Insurance Agency to hear more. Learn more about the one question he is always asked, “How much insurance do I need?”

“The fact of the matter is when we insure homes, which is what we’re talking about at this point, we always ensure for replacement costs. Replacement cost is going to get you your full value for your insurance payment should a claim be filed,” Jeff explains. watch now image

Watch the video to hear more from Jeff’s interview, such as:

  • What does homeowner’s insurance cover?
  • Are there situations it will not cover?
  • Which factors affect rates the most?
  • Is it more or less expensive to buy a new construction home?

Keeping you “In the Know”

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