How Can You Make Your Home a Happier Place?

March 4, 2022

Happiness starts from within. But there are ways you can make your home a happier place.

Here are seven:

  1. Make your bed daily – Who doesn’t appreciate a good night’s rest? This simple task helps you start the day off right and promotes productivity but it also can contribute to a good night’s sleep and waking up well-rested.
  1. Add cozy items – Anything from candles to add style and warmth and potpourri for a scent to throw pillows and a blanket can help make you and your home happier.
  1. Keep your place clean – Feel more relaxed at home with a clean place. You can accomplish this by not leaving dirty dishes in the sink, tidying up and putting belongings back before you head to bed. A clean house means you do not have to navigate clutter and mess; your home will look good when family, friends, and Gulfport, MS, New Home neighbors stop by.
  1. Add fresh flowers and live plants – Add life and color to your home with fresh flowers and greenery. These can freshen up any room and are definitely mood lifters.
  1. Display personal items –Remind yourself of friends, family members and precious moments by displaying photos and mementos of your favorite people and fond experiences.
  1. Open the windows – There is nothing like a breath of fresh air. With spring quickly approaching, open your windows to let fresh air come in.
  1. Welcome in the sunshine – Draw back the curtains to welcome in the sunshine. Sunlight helps to increase your serotonin, which in turn helps to boost your mood and promote happiness.

Elliott Homes would like to hear from our Gulfport MS New Home residents. What do you do to make your home a happier place?