The New and Improved Kennedy Collection by Elliott Homes

January 16, 2023

The Kennedy Collection

Increasingly, as people consider purchasing a home built from scratch, they want a home that is energy efficient with high-end finishes. Fortunately, those buyers can turn to Elliott Homes, an outstanding home builder on Gulf Coast Mississippi, whose Kennedy Collection of home designs incorporates luxury, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

As Elliott Homes’ president, Brandon Elliott, says, “Elliott Homes’ mission is to create a place where life gets better, and we wouldn’t be able to do that without considering the impact on our environment.” Thus, each home in the Kennedy collection is designed with energy-efficient features to improve the quality of life in the air you breathe and your daily convenience. There’s the bonus of lower utility bills, thanks to the energy-saving features found throughout the house, from appliances to the home’s construction.

Five Newly Reimagined Floor Plans Offer Affordability, Luxury and Simplicity

Currently, there are five home designs available in the Kennedy collection, with more in the works. Each home can be customized to suit your particular needs, such as The Coral, The Dune and The Sandpiper. The homes feature quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, and ensuite bathrooms that bring to mind a spa-like setting. Our homebuyers tell us that the new kitchen designs inspire them to cook healthier and live a more active lifestyle, perfect for our communities!

There’s no shortage of luxury details in these homes, from the chef-worthy kitchens to the inviting front porches. Yet what truly makes these homes stand out are the environmental features. Too often, homes can have a negative impact on the family’s health if the air quality isn’t good or moisture gets into the home. Elliott Homes specifically designs the Kennedy collection to create a healthy living environment.

The Kennedy Collection Provides a Safe and Energy Efficient Home

The air in a home should be completely replaced with fresh air every three hours, and to meet these needs, Elliott Homes uses energy-star-rated air conditioner/heat pump units, which help prevent moisture and odors from building up in the home. Furthermore, each unit is calculated to ensure it is the proper size so that heaters and air conditioning don’t have to work overtime, which can lead to expensive utility bills and added wear and tear on the unit itself.

Energy-efficient homes not only reduce your bills significantly but also extend the life of your home, which is ideal for higher resale values. These factors are also good for the environment because less energy is needed to keep your home comfortable and there are fewer repairs over the lifetime of your home.

If a home that combines luxury and high quality of life sounds just like what you’re looking for, contact Elliott Homes, a highly respected home builder on Gulf Coast Mississippi, and learn more about their outstanding Kennedy collection.