Constance G.

Calisha and Rodney

"Everybody we talked to or went through to buy this home was so nice and polite and helpful from top to bottom."

Thomas D.

“Customer service was very good. Our experience with Elliott Homes was one of professionalism, dedication, and quality.”

The Monroes

"We looked at other home builders but once we realized that we could personalize our home with the various options offered and the quality selections in the design center, we knew we had to go with Elliott Homes.”

The Riveras

"Our home has the perfect layout, not as big as other homes we viewed prior to buying but the right floorplan for us."

Lakeisha B.

“Elliott Homes exceeded my expectations in all areas, especially upgrades.”

Matthew L.

“They were great. I would rate a 6 out of 5.”

Carolyn M.

“When I first walked in this home I just knew it was the one for me, I was home.”

Patricia A.

"I was very pleased with the professionalism from Mr. Yates and his caring demeanor when you ask questions as a first time buyer. He made this transition so smooth and helped with my stress level and nervousness. It was greatly appreciated!!"

Michelle W.

“Our home is absolutely beautiful and I'm super impressed by the quality and attention to detail.”