Matthew L.

“They were great. I would rate a 6 out of 5.”

Carolyn M.

“When I first walked in this home I just knew it was the one for me, I was home.”

Patricia A.

"I was very pleased with the professionalism from Mr. Yates and his caring demeanor when you ask questions as a first time buyer. He made this transition so smooth and helped with my stress level and nervousness. It was greatly appreciated!!"

Michelle W.

“Our home is absolutely beautiful and I'm super impressed by the quality and attention to detail.”

Lori T.

“They made it very easy for a single woman to buy her home. I moved in with little stress. They made my first experience pleasant.”

The Vegas

"The 2 car garage was a huge win for me because I have room to do my hobbies."

Laura W.

“Dawn was fantastic. She was responsive to our requests and kept us informed. She performed her duties well.”

Erica R.

“My field manager, Dawn, was great and very friendly!”