Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own

May 22, 2022

Once you and your family have settled into your gorgeous new Elliott Homes living space, the rest of your life can begin! We’re more than excited for you to experience the most rewarding journey yet, and to feel comfortable every day in your new home.

Throughout our stress-free homebuilding process, we do all the heavy lifting for you. Once you’re moved in, it’s always a good idea to have a few trusted tools in your back pocket.

The Elliott Homes’ Superintendent’s Homeowner Tips

Screwdriver Set

A complete set comes with various head sizes to get into all spaces. This set will be your best friend when completing basic projects like tightening cabinet hardware.


Make sure that the head of your hammer is smooth to avoid damage to any surface you’re working on. Get one with a grip that feels the most comfortable to you!

Cordless DrillCordless Drill

You can do many things with a sturdy cordless drill, including creating holes in wood without splits. With a full charge, you can take your drill anywhere without worry.

Measuring Tape

Accurate measurements of furniture, valuables, and walls are a must whenever you decide to remodel. Pro tip: you’ll appreciate a measuring tape that fits in your pocket when you’re out.

Utility Knife

A handy general tool, your utility knife will be helpful in many different situations, especially at the beginning of your move when you’ll be cutting open taped boxes.

Safety Glasses

Any home project calls for safety. The protection that glasses provide will let you work worry-free! High-impact goggles are the most effective, covering more of your face and eyes.


A ladder’s purpose speaks for itself; make sure not to walk underneath it! (Just kidding…)

Zip Ties

Easy to store and durable, zip ties are great for a wide variety of things — from fastening flowers together to attaching tags to luggage.


A firm grip will be your best aid when working with pliers. Different sizes and shapes work for different projects and spaces, so why not get a few kinds?


If you enjoy building your own furniture and completing various home projects, a great handsaw will help you get the job done.

There’s no better feeling than moving into your dream home. Once you’ve made it, having a few handy tools available will save you a last-minute trip to the store when you need them most!

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