New vs. Used – Keeping You In the “KNOW”

October 11, 2022

New vs. Used by Elliott HomesWhy buy new? Here are just a few reasons…

New vs. Used – We realize this may be something you have asked yourself during your home search. Here are some top reasons buying a brand-new Elliott Home is the best choice!

Why buy a New vs. Used home?

Local, Family-Owned Business – Elliott Homes is an established, locally-owned business. We live in our communities and are accessible before, during AND after you move in. With a used home, the seller is often someone you cannot contact after you move in.

Homes Professionally Styled by Our Design Powerhouse!

Outdated Design – With the purchase of a used home, you could be taking on a renovation or settling with archaic finishes. Our brand-new, professionally designed homes include timeless and elegant finishes. Each was hand-selected by award-winning designer Adrienne Elliott and Lead Designer Jennifer Acevedo.

Innovative & Award-Winning Home Designs – You can choose from our most up-to-date, value-engineered home designs. Why settle for an outdated home when you can enjoy new spacious layouts with upscale features? Additionally, why miss out on expansive closets and modern kitchens and baths?

Low-Maintenance – New home construction offers brand-new products with the latest in technology. Manufacturers create their products to be long-lasting, plus you receive added security and peace of mind with a new home warranty. A used home may require untimely and expensive repairs.

Built to Today’s Stringent Building Codes – Your brand-new Elliott Home is constructed to the most recent building and wind codes, leading to substantial savings on insurance.

Energy Efficiency – Put more money in your pocket with energy-efficient construction techniques and products. Elliott Homes uses ENERGY-STAR® appliances, insulation, windows and the latest TRANE® heating and air conditioning systems. In contrast, if you settle for a used home, you may need to consider upgrading to more energy-efficient products or be prepared to pay higher utility bills.

New Home Warranty – Also, relax with the peace of mind that new Elliott Homes come with a comprehensive new home warranty and many other unique home benefits. It is important to realize many home items will likely be way out of warranty if you choose a used home. Therefore, all repairs and replacement costs will be your responsibility.

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