Luxury Vinyl Plank – Everything is Included

December 17, 2022

Elliott Homes – Everything is Included Because We Are Always Building Homes for Our Friends and Neighbors

Hometown builder Elliott Homes has decided to reinvent our designer home collections to offer healthier and more affordable solutions to buying a home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our New Home Advisors and our team, many brought in from custom home builders, would like to share the decision process on removing and replacing the carpet with Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP).

father playing with toddler To help promote healthier living, both physically and mentally, through homeownership, Elliott Homes now offers new construction homes with everything included. Each of our new homes in Gulfport, MS and across the MS Gulf Coast include Level 4 LVP flooring throughout the home, including the stairs.

Why Does Elliott Homes Include LVP?

  1. Healthier and Cleaner – Carpets are NEVER CLEAN! Dirt, dust (and allergy-causing materials are embedded in the padding and cannot be removed with vacuuming or shampooing. If you have ever removed carpeting, you know the amount of dust and debris under the padding.
  2. No awkward transition strips that dislodge over time due to traffic, vacuuming, etc.
  3. No worries about staining, matting or crushed and worn-looking carpet. Remember, you usually can’t just replace a small piece of carpet. Usually, the entire room needs replacing. Then, you need to be concerned with any adjoining rooms matching. It can be a nightmare.
  4. 100% Waterproof with antimicrobial and mold-resistant properties on the underlayment. – A considerable benefit of homes built on a slab.
  5. No expensive carpet cleaning companies are needed – clean up is a simple solution of LVP cleaner and water.
  6. The carpet doesn’t last as long as LVP and will require replacement in the future, regardless of the grade. Manufacturers count on it!
  7. Ease of Maintenance – Easy to clean, scratch and fade resistant. Have you tried a Roomba?
  8. Off-gassing of Toxic Chemicals – Carpets are synthetic and emit gases from the chemicals used for stain resistance, colors and dyes and fire resistance. If you are from the Coast, you remember the Chinese Drywall debacle. It was the off-gassing that caused all of the damage to shoes

Keeping you “In The Know”

  1. WATERPROOF means the floor can withstand any amount of water, from a small spill to a flood, and be fine.
  2. WATER-RESISTANT means it can take on a little water for a short period. Anything after that will more than likely cause damage. Here is a great blog from BuildDirect to explain in detail.

Award-winning designers Adrienne Elliott and Jennifer Acevedo have spent lots of time choosing the best finishes for Elliott Homes floorplans along the Gulf Coast. Learn more about our Professionally Styled Homes.

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