Start Packing! It’s ALL Included at Elliott Homes!

December 25, 2022

Elliott Homes Builds in the Best New Home Communities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Now it’s ALL Included!

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Many who visit our model homes in Gulfport, Ocean Springs and Diamondhead are in awe once they see everything is included. Not only have we added the most popular features and finishes, but we have also rolled back prices to pre-pandemic levels!

With supply chain issues, higher material prices and a shortage of quality subcontractors, how do you add the most popular upgrades and create more affordable homes in Mississippi without sacrificing quality or design?

It wasn’t easy, but our team did it by reevaluating what is essential when building a new home, committing to stop building a home for four months to find an affordable solution for homebuyers, bringing the best leaders together and giving them a goal. The mission: Create a place where life gets better and keep the dream of homeownership alive for as many homebuyers as possible.

The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Homeownership

As a new construction home builder with a team of caring people from the field to home sales to internal operations, health benefits played a vital role in the decision-making process in our all-new professionally designed homes. Brandon Elliott, President of Elliott Homes in Gulfport, MS, shares homeownership’s emotional and psychological benefits:

  1. OVERALL HEALTH – When you move into a used home or rent a home on the MS Gulf Coast, you are essentially living in someone else’s house, most times exposing your family to unfamiliar items. A new home offers peace of mind by removing the unknown regarding safety and materials.
  2. LESS STRESS – Providing your mortgage is manageable for your financial situation, you’ll feel less stressed and more secure. Unlike rent, a mortgage offers stability as it stays the same each month, helping with planning, budgeting, and making a homeowner feel more confident.
  3. A SENSE OF “BEING HOME” – Homeowners and their families tend to move less often than those renting as homeownership allows them to create a “sanctuary” with their choices and an overall sense of well-being.
  4. MORE CONNECTION TO A COMMUNITY – Homeownership promotes active engagement with neighbors, community events, and sometimes volunteering in your local community.Little girl with a beautiful smile
  5. A STRONGER SENSE OF FINANCIAL STABILITY – Many consider the equity built as you pay your monthly mortgage as forced savings.
  6. CHILDREN DO BETTER IN SCHOOL – Studies have shown that children of homeowners score 7% better in reading and 9% better in math. They flourish with the comfort of routine – the same friends and environment.
  7. KIDS BEHAVE BETTER – Studies have also shown that children of homeowners show between 1-3% fewer behavioral issues, attributed to the feeling of stability provided by less stressed parents and strength through a sense of “home” and community connection.

“The emotional and psychological benefits that the stability homeownership offers are profound and perhaps something many have not considered before. We have tailored our professionally designed new homes and floorplans to help families realize these benefits more than ever,” Elliott says.

An Entrance Worthy of a Place Where Life Gets Better

Every Elliott Homes community on the MS Gulf Coast will include a newly designed grand entry monument to be welcoming, distinguish the community, and hint at the beautiful homes and lifestyle. Homebuyers who have seen the design have unanimously agreed that the presence creates a strong feeling of safety and community.

Elliott Homes has re-envisioned our new homes with an abundance of healthy design choices to facilitate an environment for all to thrive. Everything is included! Homes are designed with the upgraded finishes more than 60% of homebuyers requested, yet many had to forgo them as they were at the top of their loan approval amount.

It’s ALL Included!

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  1. NO CARPET – This upgrade started at $6,000 and went up the larger the home. Every Elliott Home now has Luxury Vinyl Plank included throughout the entire house! View the Benefits
  2. TOP TIER QUARTZ or GRANITE – Each home, depending on the home collection, includes the highest-tier selections from our previous design center. Learn the Difference
  3. ALL STAINLESS-STEEL APPLIANCES – Yes, everything is included! We want you to move in and enjoy your home without stressing over finding a quality refrigerator.
  4. CERTAINTEED ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES – Not only do they provide better appearance, performance and a limited lifetime warranty, but CertainTeed is also the brand recommended most by roofing contractors! Insurance rates will reflect the quality of materials with discounts offered by the impact resistance, strength during storms and fire rating.
  5. JAMES COLORPLUS® HARDIBOARD SIDING – The industry leader for their superior product. Its unique preparation allows for a better appearance and longer warranties. What is different? Check out the benefits of building with ColorPlus® Siding.
  6. LOW-E ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS – Receive utility bills and homeowners insurance savings with energy-efficient double-pane windows. Each window offers higher wind resistance and better security as the added glass requires a more robust lock. It reduces outside noise and provides added UV Protection against fading.
  7. RIGHT-SIZED HVAC UNITS – Right-sizing your unit (a common mistake is choosing a system that is either too large or too small) to avoid premature replacement, and the best energy savings in the home require the proper load calculation. Learn more about a Manual J Load Calculation

Everything is Included, from crown molding, party starter islands, bullnose corners, energy-efficient LED lighting and more! View the beautiful and sophisticated features in our brand-new floorplans under 1500 square feet, The Magnolia.

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Imagine the peace of mind of knowing you have one of the best homes in Mississippi designed by the award-winning design team of professionals Adrienne Elliott and Lead Designer Jennifer Acevedo. No second-guessing your decisions throughout the build and beyond! Homebuyers who have seen the new design have said they make our homes better than custom homes!

Adrienne and Jennifer have removed the stress and anxiety of designing a home from scratch and made it easy by including the most desired upgrades, including top-tier quartz and granite, from our previous Design Center. See Professionally Designed Homes

Thank you for learning about our vision of creating a place where life gets better on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Learn more about the Elliott Homes Pivot on our YouTube Channel. Remember to subscribe for more information on our homes, processes, and team.

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